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Autumn 2008 / Vol. 13 / Number 3


Notes From The Isles
by Kate Francis
An Island Journal

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The Noble Instrument
by Robert Wallace
The Highland Bagpipe

Scotland In Music
by Edward Scott Pearlman

Scotland In Books
by Hamish Coghill Reviews

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In The Parish Of Peats
Scotch Whisky by
John Lamond

Events in North America and Scotland

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photos of scotland

photos of scotland

photos of scotland

photos of scotland

Britain's Last Wilderness
by Bruce MacGregor Sandison
The remote Knoydart peninsula is only accessible by boat or on foot, but for those who make the effort, the rewards are enormous.

House of the Binns
by Pat Moore
The spirit of General Tam Dalyell, who founded the Royal Scots Greys and played cards with the Devil, still dominates this imposing mansion.

Royal Deeside
by Keith Aitken
The River Dee runs through some of Scotland's most beautiful scenery, including the royal family's beloved Scottish home.

The Unraveling Of A Noble Cloth
by Terry Williams
For generations, the clatter of the loom filled the weaving sheds of the Outer Hebrides, but recently that rich tradition nearly came to an end.

Protecting An Island's Culture
by Steve McGrail
Màiri Smith has dedicated her life to preserving the heritage of the Outer Hebrides.

A New Look For Culloden
by Richenda Miers
An ambitious new £9-million visitor centre has opened at the iconic Culloden battlefield.