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Scottish castles and great houses, Scottish culture, history, tips for traveling to Scotland, insider's tours from the Scottish Borders to the Scottish Highlands, special celebrations, Scottish crafts, Scottish food and lodgings, news and more, including our signature "Notes From The Isles" column, a charming journal about island life, plus music, books and Scotch whisky reviews.


Spring 2012 / Vol. 17 / Number 1


Notes From The Isles
by Kate Francis
An Island Journal

Bens & Glens & Heroes
News from Scotland

The Noble Instrument
by Gary West
The Highland Bagpipe

Scotland In Music
by Edward Scott Pearlman

Scotland In Books
by Hamish Coghill

What's New and Noteworthy

In The Parish Of Peats
Scotch Whisky by
John Lamond

Events in North America and Scotland

Scottish Societies

Next Issue
What's Ahead

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Portrait Of The Nation
by Keith Aitken
After a stunning two-year restoration, Edinburgh's National Portrait Gallery is arguably the world's finest.

The Quiet Southeast Coast
by Bruce MacGregor Sandison
Once bustling fishing ports, the picture-perfect villages of St. Abbs and Coldingham still embrace the sea's bounty.

"The Artists' Town"
by Jim Gilchrist
For more than a century, artists have been inspired by Kirkcudbright's striking palette of natural and manmade beauty.

20 Things To Love About Greater Dundee
by Stephen McGinty
Compact and friendly, Dundee not only offers all the best of city life, but also easy access to must-see attractions just beyond.

The Lamp Of Lothian
by Candace Leslie
St. Mary's Parish Church in Haddington has survived centuries of turmoil and assaults, but has emerged intact and glowing.

Ploughing To Glory
by Terry Williams
The Scottish Ploughing Championships is a weekend of bucolic entertainment and spectacle like no other.

Isle At The Edge Of The Sea
by Bruce MacGregor Sandison
North Uist's ancient landscape of golden beaches, freshwater lochs, wild moorlands and Neolithic artifacts is a one-of-a-kind escape.