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The Caledonian Foundation USA, Inc.
Clan Anderson
Clan Barclay International
Clan Blair Society
House of Boyd Society, Inc.
Clan Campbell Society N.A.
Clan Craig of America
Clan Cunningham Society of America, Inc.
Clan Cunningham, USA
Elliot Clan Society, USA
Clan Farquharson, USA
Clan Fergusson Society of N.A.
Clan Forbes Society
P.O. Box 1118, Alexandria, VA 22313
House of Gordon USA
Clan Gregor Society
Pat McGregor Skelton
P.O. Box 393, Stone Mountain, GA 30083
Clan Gunn Society of N.A.
Clan Hay
(518) 346-5915
Clan Keith Society, USA, Inc.
Clan Leslie Society International
302 SW 3rd St., Tuttle, OK 73089
American Clan Lockhart Society
Clan Logan Society
Clan Societies of Clan Arthur
Clan MacBean, Inc.
Clan MacDougall Society
Clan MacDuff Society of America, Inc.
Clan MacInnes
Clan MacKinnon Society
Clan Mackintosh of N.A.
Clan Maclaine of Lochbuie
Clan MacLaren
Clan MacLeod
Clan Macneil
(334) 834-0612
Clan MacRae Society of N.A.
Clan MacThomas
Clan Maxwell
PO Box 24035, Waco, TX 76702
Clan Murray
Clan Munro Association, USA
Clan Pollock International
Clan Rattray
Clan Sinclair Association, Inc. USA
The Stewart Society
Clan Wallace Society (Worldwide)
Saint Andrew Society of Colorado
The Illinois Saint Andrew Society
St. Andrew's Society of Baltimore
Scots Charitable Society of Boston
Scottish St. Andrew Society of Greater St. Louis
Saint Andrew's Society of the State of NY
Scottish Heritage Assn. of Northeast Ohio
St. Andrew's Society of Vermont