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Scottish castles and great houses, Scottish culture, history, tips for traveling to Scotland, insider's tours from the Scottish Borders to the Scottish Highlands, special celebrations, Scottish crafts, Scottish food and lodgings, news and more, including our signature "Notes From The Isles" column, a charming journal about island life, plus music, books and Scotch whisky reviews.


Spring 2020 / Vol. 25 / Number 1


Notes From The Isles
by Kate Francis
An Island Journal

Bens & Glens & Heroes
News from Scotland

The Noble Instrument
by Simon McKerrell
The Highland Bagpipe

Scotland In Music
by Edward Scott Pearlman

Scotland In Books
by Paul Gallagher

What's New and Noteworthy

In The Parish Of Peats
Scotch Whisky
by John Lamond

Events in North America and Scotland

Scottish Societies

Next Issue
What's Ahead

Schiehallion Midhope Castle Yethold Newark Castle

Mighty Schiehallion
by Paul Stafford
Schiehallion has attracted legends, audacious scientific experiments and, in more recent times, hillwalkers in search of forever views.

A Home Called Floors
by Stephen McGinty
For the Duke and Duchess of Roxburghe, this is home...a fairytale castle so large it is almost impossible to photograph from the drive.

The Amazing Bennie Railplane
by Jim Gilchrist
A visionary's dream of rail travel shined as brightly as phosphorous for one brief moment...then retreated into the dark recesses of history.

Edinburgh's Other Castles
by Paul Stafford
The iconic fortress standing high above the city on Castle Rock is not the only show in town.

Swimming With Seals
by Victoria Whitworth
What began as an occasional swim in the frigid waters of Orkney turned into a daily contemplation of history, myth and folklore.

The Twa Yetholms
by T. R. Gordon
You'll find history and tradition woven into the daily life of these villages like a comfortable coat.

The Many Lives Of Newark Castle
by Stephen McGinty
This impressive stone mansion has been home to a tyrant, well-to-do merchants...and even a few wild animals.